208 grain G.I. 

  This bullet has a ULD nose shape and a smaller meplate. This bullet can be used in a Magpul mag that has had the final rib protrusions filed to match the main rib. 

.308 bullet line up.

175 small game hollow point, 180 round nose, 210 round nose, 225 round nose, 240 round nose, 250 round nose, 260 round nose, 220 EXOT, 220 flatbase tumbler, 225 lead tip spitzer, 225 load test bullet, 220 hollow point flat base, 190 EXOT.

All of these bullets expand at subsonic velocities except the 220 load test bullet.

The Outlaw .308 bullet is an open tip rebated boattail design. It has a pure lead core that is segmented in the nose. The entire jacket length is serrated to allow for maximum expansion. The shank has a dual diameter to allow magazine length bullet seating.

Upon impact the nose of the bullet explodes distributing four mini cores into a radial pattern around the main core (shank). The main core expands to .45 caliber and tumbles through the target. Use on white tail deer has shown complete penetration. The 225gr round nose .308 will stabilize in a 1-10 twist barrel. The 210gr round nose .308 will stabilize in a 1-11.25 twist barrel. The 240gr round nose .308 will stabilize in a 1-8 twist barrel.

The  220 grain lead tip spitzer is now 225 grains and feeds from an  AR-15 with a 1-8 twist.

The 225 grain lead tip spitzer is the recommended bullet for the  300 BLACKOUT.

The WILSON COMBAT 7.62X40 WT 20 AND 30 ROUND LANCER L5 magazines are recommended for this bullet as well as other 30 caliber bullets including the exot.


The far left bullet is a Hornady 208 a-max. It started to tumble at 9" in wet newsprint. The other bullets are 220 lead tip spitzers shot at various subsonic speeds. These bullets start to expand immediately and tumbled before they stopped in 14" of wet newsprint. The jacket petals are folded forward due to the bullet tumbling and traveling base base first.

The four bullets on the left are the 220 grain flat base tumblers. The tip expands and causes the bullet to tumble.

The four bullets on the right are the 220 grain expanding open tip rebated boat tail known as the EXOT.  Penetration is from 18" to 24".

The Flat Base Tumbler and the EXOT are compatible in the AR-15 as well as the Remington 700. They both require an 8 twist or faster barrel.

220 EXOT  950fps
Note: Lead petal fragments are from 5 to 6 inches.Total penetration was 16 inches. The camera angle distorts the measurement.