The .458 SOCOM - 530 grain bullet is constructed of a pure lead core that is segmented in the nose of the bullet. It has a serrated jacket that is drawn of guilding metal. The base of the bullet is a rebated boattail design. The nose is an open tip design. We dual diametered the shank which allows the bullet seating closer to magazine length. 

Upon impact the nose explodes.  This releases the four segmented mini cores into a radial pattern around the main projectile giving a MASSIVE wound. This allows you a better chance of destroying vitals.   Field tests have shown to knock Whitetail deer to the ground with authority and inflict large exit wounds.  This is achieved with a muzzle velocity 1050 fps.

The fragmenting design of these bullets reduce the chance of ricochet.

.458-405 GRAIN HOLLOW POINT- This bullets lead mushroom measures .550, and the jacket measures .600.  Impact velocity = 975 fps, resulted 14 inches into a BULLET TEST TUBE.

500 grain 458 hollow point with cut jacket.  Bullet on right measures .750 diameter and penetrated 29 inches of 10 percent gel.